About Logikos Overview

Logikos Overview is the stress-free way to track your fleet and equipment

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Locate your equipment right now, from anywhere

Overview continuously tracks the location of your vehicles and equipment, and allows you to check their status securely from any web browser, anywhere.

By combining GPS fleet tracking with cellular and active RFID technologies, Overview automatically tracks your tagged equipment from warehouse to fleet to job site.  Real-time results are displayed on a familiar map interface.


Easy to set up, no human interaction needed to operate

There's no software to install, no server for you to maintain.  All you need to do is install trackers in your field vehicles and warehouses, and attach tags to your equipment.  From then on, Overview does the rest.  The location of your vehicles and equipment are automatically monitored and updated.

Other products require you to adopt new error-prone procedures, like scanning barcodes or funneling equipment past RFID stations upon arrival.  Overview lets you do business the way you already do it, with the added advantage of knowing where all your assets are.


Additional features to help you save time and money

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Overview also keeps track of locations that matter to your business, like job sites or temporary storage facilities.  Enter a location in the easy-to-use web interface, and from then on Overview will display it on your map and keep track of all equipment moving in and out of that location.  When a job is over, Overview will hide it from the map, but will remember it in case you need to access it again in the future. 

Click an item on the map to view its status and inventory.  Switch between map view and list view.  Filter by equipment type.  Generate a job site summary.  Export an equipment history report to PDF.  Et cetera.

Overview provides these features and more to help you save money, save time, increase efficiency, and reduce loss.