What kinds of businesses is Overview meant for?

The current focus for Overview is on businesses in the restoration and remediation industries, however Overview can be of benefit to any business that has a need to track vehicles and/or equipment in the field.  Contact us to find out how Overview can fit your specific business needs.


What kinds of equipment can Overview track?

If you can attach an asset tag to it, Overview can track it.  Tagging your field assets will benefit your business by helping you increase efficiency, reduce equipment loss, and prevent excess inventory issues.


How does Overview track assets automatically?

The system communicates through a cloud-based network.  Trackers receive RF signals from equipment tags whenever they are in range.  Each tracker unit is equipped with GPS to determine its location.  Trackers use cellular technologies to communicate with Overview servers and report changes in tracker location and tag movement.  On the Overview server, Logikos-designed software aggregates all real-time and last-known asset locations, and sends a usable up-to-date view to your web browser.


Where do I need to install trackers?  How many will I need?

In order for Overview to perform as it was designed, you will need to place trackers in any field vehicles that move equipment. Overview also requires at least one additional tracker, plugged into a standard power outlet at your warehouse or office.  Some customers may choose to add additional trackers to enhance real-time visibility at job sites.


Will Overview know when equipment is left at a job site, even if I don't have job site trackers?

Yes!  Overview knows when equipment has been left at one of your job sites, even if you only have trackers installed in your vehicles.  For enhanced real-time inventory monitoring, some customers opt to add portable trackers that can be plugged in at job sites.  Not all customers will find this necessary, however.


How do I install trackers in my vehicles?

Trackers are installed in your field vehicles such that the tracker is powered whenever the vehicle is running.  We provide installation instructions to walk you through this process.  However, if you're not comfortable installing vehicle trackers yourself, we can direct you to a number of expert installers who can do so.


How will I attach asset tags to my equipment?

Overview asset tags are designed to give you many options, including: zip-ties, screws, rivets, construction-strength adhesive, double-sided tape, personnel lanyards, etc...


What is the life expectancy of your hardware?

We use an active RF technology in our equipment tag.  The disposable tag is designed with a life span similar to the power tools/equipment to which they are attached.  The tracker base units are designed to last and are not limited by battery life.


What technologies are used in the Logikos Overview equipment tracking solution?

Logikos Overview makes use of GPS, Active RFID, GSM cellular, and cloud-based web technologies.


What is the range of your asset (equipment) tag?

Range may vary relative to environment (walls, obstructions, etc.), but in clear sight a tag will transmit over 200 ft to the nearest tracker base.


Does your system require expensive handheld readers or antenna portals to capture tag signals?

We use a specially designed long range tag and a high output receiver (RFID & GPS capable) for increased reliability.  We DO NOT require scanners or antenna portals for our system to be effective.


Is there a limit on the number of tags that a system can track?

Each tracker is capable of simultaneously receiving signals from thousands of tags.  The overall system can manage and oversee an unlimited number of trackers and tags.


How is subscription pricing structured for Logikos Overview?

We charge a monthly fee per tracker and a low monthly usage fee for each equipment tag.  Costs are competitive with many fleet-only GPS tracking systems that provide no ability to track equipment.  Logikos Overview's capabilities help you achieve a rapid return on your investment, and more control over your business.


What is Logikos?

The Logikos Overview system was invented and developed by Logikos, Inc.  Founded in 1978, Logikos is a custom software development and systems integration company headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  You can find out more about us at www.logikos.com.