How It Works

Logikos Overview does what it does using tags, trackers, our servers, and your web browser


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The tags you'll attach to your equipment are water resistant, temperature resistant, abrasion resistant, shock resistant, and have a battery life designed to last as long as your power tools/equipment.

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The trackers you'll install in your vehicles are built to last, and are powered whenever your vehicles are running.  You'll also have a tracker plugged in at your warehouse or office.

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Here's how it all happens automatically


1.  Tags announce their presence, over and over again

Each Overview tag attached to your equipment periodically transmits its ID signal (active RFID), detectable up to hundreds of feet away.

2.  A tracker hears a tag, and then calls home

Each tracker knows its GPS location and listens for tags whenever it's powered.  When a tracker is in range of a tag, it hears the tag's signal, and then tells our Overview servers about it using cellular communication.

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3.  Our servers organize the data

Logikos Overview servers collect and store the full history of location data, up to and including the last-reported location of each tracker and tag.  The server combines this with the information you've entered about your assets and locations.

4.  Overview updates in your web browser

If you're logged into the Logikos Overview portal, your display is automatically updated with the latest location information for your vehicles and equipment.


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